Classes run for 55 minutes.

You can choose how many classes to attend each week and can select any combination of classes and venues.


32 Greenwood Avenue, Ringwood.

Park your car near the gallery entrance and enter via the after-hours entrance to the right of the gallery.

Monday and Thursday classes are held in room 4, Wednesday classes are held in room 3 or 4.

  • Monday 7pm (antenatal)
  • Monday 8pm (postnatal)
  • Wednesday 7pm (antenatal)
  • Thursday 10am (postnatal)

Glen Waverley

6 Mount Street, Glen Waverley.

Park in the car park on the Panoramic Grove side of the building. Enter the building from the car park.

Most classes are held in room 1.

  • Saturday 10am (antenatal) 
  • Saturday 11am (postnatal)


Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy 293 Dorset Road, Croydon

Parking is at the rear of the clinic.

  • Thursday 7pm (antenatal) 
  • Thursday 8pm (postnatal)